Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter my business?

You can enter by nominating yourself and encourage others to vote for you when nominations and voting is open. These times are announced on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Who can enter?

If your business is based in Ireland, directly linked to any of the categories up for awards and you’re making a difference in your clients’ lives - this is the award event for you!

Why public voting and not a panel of judges?

This is our most frequently asked question. The answer is quite simple; Ireland is a very small country and everyone knows people in the fitness industry. As a way of eliminating bias, we have decided to rule on public vote.

Does this mean that only big companies will win?

Far from it. These awards thrive on community. People vote because they love the community they are involved in or because they love their fitness snacks, their physio or nutritionist. Votes are ALL relative.

Who are the judges?

The public including your clients. They judge by voting.

Can I vote multiple times for one candidate?

No, multiple votes from the same IP address and / or device will not be counted.

The Finalist Voting poll allowed me to vote multiple times, does that mean they'll be included in the final vote?

No, multiple votes from the same IP address and / or device will not be counted. However we are aware that some of our finalist teach classes to children, individuals with additional needs or older clients who may not have their own device or don't feel confident when it comes to the internet. In these instances, we ask said finalist to contact us and share details of their class / time they'll be using the same device so that we can review the filter parameters for that timestamp / number of votes. We want to make the 2020 Irish Fitness Industry Awards inclusive and accessible to everyone! Please note we may require additonal information to verify these classes and / or votes - we regret any inconvenince or offence this may cause.

Once the Finalist Voting Poll closes, all multiple votes from the same IP address and / or device will be discarded (excluding the above instances).

What does the process look like?

The 2020 Irish Fitness Industry Awards will be bigger and better than previous years, and this means some changes to how we're doing things. We will have two separate rounds of voting for the 2020 IFI Awards; the first being a nomination poll. This will open on 23 October. The nomination poll will allow everyone the opportunity to nominate their favourite fitness professional / business for their respective award category. This nomination poll will close on 31 December. Once the nomination poll is tallied, the top 10 nominated finalists per category will be announced and put forward for the final voting poll. This voting poll will open in January and close on 31 July. Again, the public will be in the judge's seat as there will be no judging panel involved. With voting closed, the votes will be counted and all winners will be announced at our third annual Irish Fitness Industry Awards on 3rd October. Due to the impact of Covid-19 and forseeable social distancing measures, we have taken the decision to virtually host the 2020 Irish Fitness Industry Awards. We are currently working on what that will look like exactly and we plan on sharing further soon.

Why are you doing a virtual event?

When it became clear that coronavirus restrictions would remain in place, we thought about pushing the Irish Fitness Industry Awards into the new year. It was a tempting choice but we knew that everyone needed some fun, some togetherness and some much needed celebration. We decided to not only make the Irish Fitness Industry Awards virtual but to also make it free and open to everyone so we could include people who may have never experienced our awards show before.

How will the virtual event work?

Join us on Saturday 3rd October at 6pm on FaceBook Live. Winners will be announced across 30 categories and would usually give their acceptance speeches from a stage, this year our winners will be invited to take part in a channel take-over on our Instagram and Facebook pages to giver their acceptance speeches. Once all of the award categories have been announced, we will invite all of our winners to a Zoom meeting (via email - keep an eye on your inboxes folks!) to go through all of the details and arrange for the awards to be delivered.